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I have recently completed a few more small upholstery projects out of my apartment, and while I love the work, it wreaks havoc on my tiny space. For larger projects I am lucky enough to work in the Re:style Studio space, but I have always daydreamed about my own workspace (I showed some cool ones here). However, since I don’t have a car unless a space is right next door, it’s a pain to travel back and forth. But recently I discovered that it’s possible to have an awesome studio or office right in your own backyard by adding a shed workspace.  The first company I stumbled upon whose products totally caught my eye was StudioShed.  They make very sleek modern prefab do-it-yourself sheds that can be used for various things, like home offices,  arts or craft studios, music rehearsal space, or cabin bunkies.

You can choose from various sizes, layout and features and they come with instructional videos so you can help put them together yourself.  You can have installation included in your price and add things like electrical, fancy flooring and more. The also have a greenhouses and dog house lines. Now, I share this information with few caveats.  Right now they only ship to the US, and therefore installation services are only offered there.  However, with the US shipping address services (like box hop, etc) they still could be an option if you are going for the DIY packages. Also, they are not cheap, even the DIY version. If you want a super sleek workspace in your backyard, you have to spend some money.

But never fear, I did find a somewhat similar company in Ontario called Sheds in a Day that offer more basic rustic wooden sheds, but in similar sizes. You can also pick and choose features and they are significantly cheaper.

I expect there are similar companies in other parts of the country too. I rent my apartment so neither of these are likely an option for me right now, but it’s nice to know that you can create a fabulous, functional workspace right in your own backyard.


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Good Morning!

I hope you all have recovered from Monday and are happily plowing through the rest of the week.  Today I’d like to start by saying thanks everyone who provided such lovely comments on the before and after of the loveseat I reupholstered that I posted on the weekend.  Hugs and kisses to you all!

Today I’m focusing on work spaces.  Although I’m just starting to make my hobby/passion an actual business venture, I’ve been thinking about work spaces for a long time.  For an upholstery studio or workspace, you need a space that can get dirty, be easily cleaned, and most importantly has SPACE to spare, both for the upholstery itself and for storage. The challenge is finding/designing an stylish and interesting space that also has those “must-haves”.  One of the spaces that I think does it very well (and I may be somewhat biased because I work there fairly often) is Re:style Studio.  It’s large, bright, airy and totally sleek and stylish yet is the perfect size to work on multiple pieces at once.

Here are some other cool and interesting workspaces –  some that would work for upholstery and some that I just thought were interesting!

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